Our Guests


The physician guests featured on the Dr. Bob Show are all licensed, board-certified medical doctors who are experts in their fields of specialty. Many have served as chiefs of staff, medical directors and presidents of national medical societies. Others have written textbooks and numerous articles for medical journals. Some have invented groundbreaking surgical procedures, while one even operated on a United States president!


The team of Dr. Bob Show health and fitness reporters has equally impressive merit. A licensed nutritionist, physical therapist and Olympic athlete have been specially chosen because of their interest and involvement in public well being.


The esteemed accomplishments and credentials of our guests reflect Dr. Bob's commitment to provide valuable expert advice to a mass audience; viewers seeking trustworthy, online medical content can rest assure that the information provided by “The Dr. Bob Show” is rooted in expertise.

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The information presented by " The Dr. Bob Show " is intended to supplement your regular health and fitness care. It should not be a substitute for doctor supervision. Please consult a physician concerning your healthcare needs.