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News programs often need expert opinions from doctors regarding breaking healthcare news. Such was the case more than 15 years ago, when the NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee, WBIR, established a relationship with Dr. Overholt as their resource for expert medical advice. His willingness to accommodate the often urgent needs of reporters and his ability to translate complex medical details into understandable terms made him their “go-to guy.”


As a result of his dependability and his vast medical knowledge, Dr. Overholt was asked to discuss current medical topics for a budding new broadcast, “Live at Five.” After only three shows, Dr. Overholt’s appearance on “Live at Five” became a regular feature on Thursday’s show and Dr. Overholt became “Dr. Bob” to his fans and friends.


WBIR eventually expanded to cable, which opened up an opportunity for local programming, and “The Dr. Bob Show” was born. Later “The Dr. Bob Show” moved to the PBS affiliate. The show’s format has grown to include not only interviews with specialty physicians but also fitness tips and other health reports from trusted correspondents.


Dr. Bob’s enthusiasm for his work and his commitment to educating the public continue to make “The Dr. Bob Show” an exceptional forum for professionals in healthcare to provide valuable expert advice to a mass audience. We hope you continue to find “The Dr. Bob Show” both enjoyable and educational for many years to come.

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The information presented by " The Dr. Bob Show " is intended to supplement your regular health and fitness care. It should not be a substitute for doctor supervision. Please consult a physician concerning your healthcare needs.